Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting

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Cord-cutting refers to cords or attachments which may have formed as the result of past hurts,

Eg: Relationship breakdowns, Divorce, separation, bereavement or loss of a loved one.

* if it is due to loss of a loved one this process does not remove the memory of that person, it simply removes the unhappy emotions you may be feeling.

Cord Cutting can also help with unhealthy relationships,

Eg: Over dominant Mother, father, partner or siblings who rule your life.

Bad habits or fears that are paralyzing you, and other things that keep you from developing into whom you were meant to be. All of us experience these things no matter how spiritually advanced some appear.

So Cord Cutting helps you to severe the links to those things or people that no longer serve you in going forward in a more positive way in your life.


The cord-cutting process uses Arc Angels and Saints to remove these cords, the process is successful, with results showing, you do not need to believe in the Saints or Angels for the process to work. During the cord-cutting you will be seated with your eyes closed, there may be some emotional release.

As the Reiki Master, I will be standing behind you conducting a reiki process, in a non- invasive manner similar to a normal Reiki session. You may feel emotional during this process.

You will come away after the treatment lighter and feeling less affected by the issue which you feel attached to.

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