60 Minutes 1-2-1 Reiki Treatment

60 Minutes 1-2-1 Reiki Treatment

per hour


Reiki treatments (Energy Healing) can help to make whatever you are going through easier, allowing you to feel and function better.

Reiki can help you release those things that hold you back and create a beautiful space for new or improved things to enter.

Reiki can help you to become balanced and centred amidst all of the change or busyness of life. Instead of descending into worry, anger or fear Reiki can help you find courage, peace and calmness. It can help you to become grateful as well as be more mindful in your life.

I’ve seen so many people in awe at what they can actually feel during and after a treatment even those who didn’t expect much. From deep peace to the sense of being held, calmness, faces relax, bodies let go of the tightness, people breath deeper.. these may all seem simple things but how often do we truly feel relaxed and at peace?

It’s surprising how one hour of the complete departure from the daily hustle and bustle, with no phones and no interruption, can be like medicine to the body on all levels.

Reiki meets you where you are at, and supports you from that space. It has something for everyone.

Reiki can help you navigate life differently, support you through challenges and help you resolve issues so you can feel more at peace and joy as it restores, rejuvenates and balances you on all levels. You can read about the benefits of reiki and how it supports us throughout life.


If you just want to pamper yourself now and again then I suggest 1 or 2 every three months. If however there is a more deep-rooted issue surrounding an illness or emotions inbalance then I suggest booking a course of 6 weekly Holistic Reiki treatments.

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