Love & Romance Gift Boxes

Love & Romance Gift Boxes


These wonderful and delightful gift boxes will make a much-needed addition to anyone's top drawer

This exciting box will feature Holistic products that are specifically designed to bring love and romance into your life and home.

The Box :

Concealed magnetic snap shut front flap closure.

Supplied complete with a length of 80cm x 2.5cm width matching ribbon.

The ribbon feeds easily through a narrow slot in the front of the box body and closure flap for added decoration and closure security.

The ribbon isn't permanently fixed to the box so you can add a different colour ribbon or a decorative closure.

Products Featuring :

1- Reiki Charged Candle.

1- Pouch of Aroma Bath Salts

1- 50ml Holistic and Reiki Charged Room / Pillow Spray

1- 10ml Aromatherapy Roller Ball Reiki Charged applicator for the forehead, wrists or temples.

1- Reiki Charged Crystal

1- Aromatherapy Bath Bomb.

What Does Reiki Charged Mean? - It means that a Reiki Master has charged the particular item with Reiki Energy for the intended purpose of healing.

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