Steven Mills
Reiki Master & Master Teacher


My name is Steven Mills, a fully qualified Reiki Master and Master Teacher. I am also a fully registered and qualified International Reiki Master allowing me to travel around the world offering Reiki Treatments.

I am also a fully registered and insured member of the

UK Reiki Federation and fully qualified in the traditional teaching and treatment of Usui Reiki.

My journey with Reiki and working with energy started quite a while ago now.

I had for many years worked internationally around the world, crossing many time-zones and I was susceptible to jet lag and sleep issues, so too was my level of balance and calm.

So I used to go for a Reiki session once every couple of months or so, just to get me realigned and everything " FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS " as I would have called it. I always felt like a completely new person after my reiki session. More Energy- Slept really well - more balanced and calm - Anxiety and stress levels at an all-time low.




Well, the answer to that question is quite a lot.

If you had ever thought about working with energy ( Someone who works with energy is sometimes called a " Light Worker " or someone that " Works With Energy )

I teach all levels of Reiki including levels 1, 2 and 3 THE MASTERS LEVEL.

LEVEL 1 REIKI : It allows you to practice Reiki on yourself - Reiki is all about love and for the greatest good. ( More information can be found in the REIKI TRAINING)

LEVEL 2 REIKI : Allows you to practice Reiki on yourself and go out into the world and set up your own Reiki Business.

LEVEL 3 REIKI  Allows to to " master your craft " thus being referred to a Reiki Master or Master Teacher.

Only after a number of years working with Reiki can you attain the level " Master "


Actually, there is a lot more I can do but I don't want to bore you.

I attend the Arthur Findlay college every year and have studied Mediumship under the world-famous medium " Tony Stockwell "

Mediumship readings are something that I will be offering more of when I get more time to discuss this with my customers.

Tarot Cards - I have studied Tarot card Readings and indeed carried many out over the years.

Did you know that I am a fully qualified Barber? I studied at the famous " Manshack " in Belfast and, I am also fully Qualified Cut Throat Razor Specialist.

  • Fully First Aid Trained -
  • Completed the Mental Health and Wellbeing courses.
  • Prevent COVID 19 Course.

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